Why We Do It Best

BFX is serious about making you more profitable with technology that is respectful of the environment. Not only is the production of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) maximized, but also BFX technology operates in extreme heat or frigid cold with software and controls that enable remote monitoring and optimized output. With a durable design, rapid transport and installation capabilities, BFX technology is superlative for field operations and the environment.

“It’s all about making our customers better by capitalizing on their waste stream & being environmentally responsible.”

BFX offers…

  • Full purchase of the BFX technology
  • Cash leases
  • Capital-free percentage-of-proceeds leases

You Get…

  • Accelerated payback
  • Significant return on investment
  • Cleaner environment


Our Specs…

BFX is confident that our units will deliver a superior yield over any other product in this class.

J.W. Varner,
Founder, Engineer BFX


BFX Mechanical Refrigeraton Unit (MRU)

BFX – delivering micro midstream solutions that make you greener and more profitable.